Natural ways to help with neck and shoulder pain…….

Kinesiologists world wide are experts in detecting stress held in the muscular and energetic systems of the body.This is what we do!

When stress is present it can effect how we manage our moods,energy and even present as pain in the musculars.Perhaps headaches or shoulder and neck stiffness.Because we are checking the muscles to see if they are able to hold and support the limbs,we also have techniques to stimulate reflexes.These signal to the fibres in the muscles to either relax or start doing their job.

There are some neck muscles and shoulder muscles that impact energy to the stomach meridian.Some of the neck muscles like anterior neck flexes and posterior neck extensors influence sinuses.

If you have long standing neck or shoulder pain and have tried other conventional methods ,try a Kinesiology balance for a full alignment and a better balanced posture.