Create flow in all aspects of your life…

Kinesiology is a natural therapy that address the core issues impacting your health and well being. This therapy encourages your body to function in a more harmonious state by….

  • Identifying and clearing emotional and physical stress held in the body
  • Aligning your structural/muscular system
  • Clearing energetic blocks in your field
  • Reducing pain and tension by improving posture and coordination
  • Increasing vitality
  • Supporting your inner environment for improved learning and confidence
  • Nutritional testing – for sensitivities to food and environmental factors
  • Reducing mental stress and align to your aspirations

Let me help you to overcome your health challenges using proven Kinesiology techniques.

What is Touch For Health Kinesiology ?

Touch for Health is the basis of all Kinesiology worldwide. Originally developed by Chiropractors in the USA in the early 1960`s. Based on the muscular system and incorporating Chinese ancient wisdom of the energetic anatomy of the body.Today Kinesiologists all around the world use this natural therapy successfully with amazing results.

Touch For

Is a practical approach to health using acupressure and alignments to improve postural balance and reduce physical/ mental pain and tension.

Soul Power

Draws from three holistic health therapies, colour awareness, kinesiology and energy work to support and encourage dynamic personal growth.


Colour awareness and vibrational healing provides deep insight and answers to any challenges you’re currently faced with.


Correct your body’s nutritional needs using muscle response tests to specific foods and environmental influences.

Disclaimer: The information on this website and its associated pages are not intended to replace medical advice or claim to treat,heal or diagnose any disease or illness.These techniques used are to assist the bodys own natural healing ability.