Discover a natural way to replenish yourself…

Feeling low in vitality, wish you could sleep better?

Finding it hard to make decisions, feel your goals are unattainable or wish you had more clarity around an issue you’re dealing with?

Let me help you to overcome your challenges using proven kinesiology techniques.

Learn More About How Kinesiology Can Help You

Touch For Health

Is a practical approach to natural health using acupressure, touch and massage to improve postural balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension.

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Soul Power Kinesiology

Draws from three holistic health therapies, colour awareness, kinesiology and energy work to support and encourage dynamic personal growth.

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Colour Therapy

Colour awareness and vibrational healing provides deep insight and answers to any challenges you're currently faced with.

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Nutritional Support

Correct your body’s nutritional needs using muscle response tests to specific chemicals to identify any nutritional deficiencies or excesses you may have.

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Aura Light Colour Therapy

Replenish Kinesiology – Your Body in Balance

Replenish Kinesiology is a natural therapy programme for health and stress management that helps people to overcome issues that are impacting on the quality of their wellbeing.

  • Defuse past trauma, balancing the bodies emotional and physical stress
  • Quicker recovery for injuries and illness
  • Pain relief, gain benefits in posture and coordination
  • Get clarity around an issue, become more decisive, goal setting
  • Enhance learning abilities and confidence
  • Improved digestion with nutritional support – overcome sensitivities to food
  • Improve energy and reduce mental stress

"Diane is an awesome practitioner. I've had the blessing of receiving a treatment while on a flash visit to NZ and I highly recommend her. Some of the qualities I look for when I'm seeking help are compassion, emotional safety, reassurance, respect and Integrity. Diane offers these qualities to the highest degree. She assists you to choose your plan to fulfill your dreams, goals and values. To anyone who hasn't tried kinesiology yet you don't know what you are missing. Our bodies are storing all our hopes and dreams and kinesiology can help us to access them and remove blockages preventing us from realising them It is a life changing modality and Diane can assist you to reach those changes you've longed for."

Helen F, Brisbane

"I met Diane 5 years ago when I was looking for a natural treatment for my 7 year old daughter. She had been experiencing night terrors which was frightening for my daughter and the rest of the family. After talking to Diane she suggested a consultation. After one treatment the night terrors stopped straight away. One year later we ended up with a similar problem, but I had no hesitation in contacting Diane again. Diane was able to connect both events with a situation at school involving bullying. After giving my daughter some tools to protect herself emotionally in any future situations the nightmares have gone altogether."

Karen K, Tauranga

"I found this therapy to be very relaxing and I related to the colours really well. I did feel a shift in energy, an awakening and an accepting of who I am. I continue to have more clarity and feel more relaxed, I am happy in my own skin."

Caryn, Bay of Plenty