Diane Rosenberg

Certified Kinesiologist and Natural Health Practitioner

My first introduction to Touch for Health, Colour Therapy and Soul Power Kinesiology made such an impression on me that I chose to continue my training through to Practitioner level.

The immediate improvements and changes I experienced with ease as the body,mind and emotions came into a more balanced and aware state was undeniable to me.

I now have experience and insights into different ways of balancing energetic systems within the body. Allowing me to help my clients get back to a better way of functioning and well being on all levels. I have become an Instructor of all these modalities and now hold workshops in Tauranga and around the country. I love to share my knowledge and belief in these holistic therapies.

Having a genuine desire and passion to help people, particularly women in the care industries who feel burnt out…I am here to support,balance,inspire and replenish their health and well being .So that they can fulfill their place in our communities helping others.

Professional Memberships & Qualifications

  • Certified Kinesiologist– KANZ
  • Registered Natural Therapies NHPNZ
  • Colour for Life Consultant and Instructor – AHA
  • Soul Power Consultant and Instructor – AHA
  • Proficiency & Teacher Training Assessor – AHA
  • Touch for Health Practitioner & Proficiency Assessor – TFHNZ
  • Touch for Health Instructor – International Kinesiology College – TFHNZ
  • Nutritional testing Instructor -Wellness Kinesiology
  • Allergy/Sensitivity testing Instructor – Wellness Kinesiology

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Qualifications, Registrations and Certifications