Diane Rosenberg


Certified Kinesiology Practitioner

Welcome to Replenish Kinesiology, My name is Diane Rosenberg and I’ve been an internationally qualified Kinesiologist since 2003. I have found kinesiology to be a profoundly fascinating and an effective modality for helping people.

I was first introduced to colour, Kinesiology and Soul Power in 2000 when I attended Catherine North’s courses in Auckland. The skills I learnt from these courses were life changing for me for all the people I have helped over the years.

Soul Power has helped so many people move through life’s challenges and to become empowered in their own inner wisdom and knowing, I have always had an interest in Natural Health and have been working with health supplements and nutrition for years. This has allowed me to come into contact with many people requiring a variety of health solutions.

I have a genuine desire and passion to help people , so I feel extremely privileged to be on this journey.

Professional Memberships & Qualifications

  • Certified Kinesiologist– KANZ
  • Registered Natural Therapies PractitionerNHPNZ
  • Colour for Life Consultant and Teacher – AHA
  • Soul Power Consultant and Teacher – AHA
  • Touch for Health Consultant – TFHNZ
  • Touch for Health Teacher – IKC
  • Nutritional/Allergy Teacher –TFHNZ
Diane Rosenberg Certified Kinesiologist

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Qualifications, Registrations and Certifications