How Can Kinesiology Help You?

Replenish Kinesiology treatments can be arranged privately with Diane Rosenberg at her clinic in a rural setting, (a 15 minute drive from central Tauranga).  These techniques are simple, non-invasive techniques that involves you lying on a healing table fully clothed. As Replenish Kinesiology treats the individual rather than the presenting symptom, a wide variety of ailments can be helped in sessions.

Replenish Kinesiology treatments are suitable for children and people of all ages.

The Science of Muscle Monitoring

Muscles become monitors detecting stresses or imbalances in the body. The stress may relate to postural issues, injuries, nutritional deficiencies, learning difficulties, emotional states, fatigue or general digestive issues. Using Replenish Kinesiology I can evaluate and correct these imbalances bringing about optimum health and well being.

Stress Release Techniques

Feeling overloaded or overwhelmed?

There are numerous emotional and physical disorders that have been linked to stress including depression, heart attacks, anxiety, hypertension, stroke and immune system disturbances to name a few.

Stress related work is a huge part of Kinesiology today. It is a powerful tool to clear blockages relating to past and present trauma, negative thoughts and old belief systems. Highly important in setting new goals.

Your emotional state can affect your digestive, immune and nervous systems. Upsetting vitality and bodily processes required for normal everyday functions.

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Stress release therapy
Meridian and circuit work

Meridian and Circuit Work

Want to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energised?

Meridians are channels of subtle energy that nourish functions and also organs.

Circuits are the interconnectors of the body, for example the Nervous system.

Different stress driven reactions such as a bad diet, emotional upsets and various other factors upset the normal vitality and function of these systems, causing them to “switch off”.

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Enhancing Learning

Want to improve your listening, attention, memory, coordination and academic skills?

To help with learning and create a better environment to facilitate positive learning experiences – the body’s nervous system and electrical circuits need to be integrated. Brain integration is a simple but effective means to achieve this.

Dr Paul Dennison developed a technique called Brain Gym which  incorporates gentle physical movements to coordinate the brain and body for greater productivity and learning. By “switching back on” these circuits he had profound changes and results in their ability to learn.

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Enhanced learning
TMJ correction

TMJ Corrections

When did you last have energy, drive or purpose?

The Temporal Mandible Joint consists of bones, ligaments,nerves and muscles in the jaw and is one of the most important joints in the body due to its central role in the cranial and spinal dynamics.

Any tension present in the jaw muscles can alter the position of the TMJ, causing electrical messages to be relayed incorrectly throughout the body.

An imbalance in these joints can affect so many systems in the body. Causing a huge range of symptoms affecting messages from the brain through the jaw to other systems in the body.

Causes can range from dental work, car accidents, whiplash, wearing glasses and emotional stress held in the jaw.

Possible symptoms range from referred pain in the neck, hips, knees feet, jaw pain, allergies, tight shoulders, blurred vision, teeth ache, bladder problems, digestive disorders, migraines grinding of teeth and much more.

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Food Sensitivities / Intolerances Testing

Feeling tired, sluggish and uncomfortable after eating?

With Kinesiology testing using food, pollen, additives, moulds, chemical and various other vials available in the clinic, your body will react to these energetically.

Food Intolerances usually affect the digestive system due to the inability to digest certain foods adequately. Causing bloating, gas, painful gut, constipation or diarrhea. Often digestive enzymes are lacking. Eczema or psoriasis can  develop as the body tries to detox through the skin.

Allergies to food and environment influences are much more serious.

The immune system is involved, causing an inappropriate response by the body. The immune system considers these introduced substances as foreign invaders and mobilises white blood cells to fight them.The white blood cells over react and cascade into many symptoms. A typical response is  nasal congestion, itching, rashes, hives, respiratory problems and in severe cases death.

With proven Biokinesiology techniques used world wide we are able to correct tissues and address nutritional needs which maybe impacting on allergies.

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food sensitivities