Colour Therapy

Using The Unicorn 2000 Colour Therapy Essences

Every colour has a different vibrational frequency to it, making it appear as individual colours to the human eye. Therefore each colour  has unique vibrational qualities and lessons associated to that frequency.This in turn affects the human body on different levels influencing physiologically or biochemical changes.

Emotionally influencing attitudes,feelings and perspectives and spiritually enlightening us with positive and uplifting awareness or inspiration.

Colour awareness holds the key to unlocking our subconsciousness.Through the process of self discovery, providing us with the clarity we need to make the right choices and reminding us of our innate gifts.

We all have our own answers as nobody knows or understands us better than we do. When choosing four different colour combinations from The Unicorn 2000 bottle set, whether you are guided by choice of colour preference or by muscle testing….. you will soon understand the meanings relevant for you .

The balancing oils contain subtle living energies from nature ,which combine with your own individual vibrational pattern. When applied to your body around a chakra, your energies mix with the Devic energies within the essence oils.The colours you choose will resonate with your own vibration and enhance the qualities and lessons you need to address challenges in your current circumstances.

Growing in consciousness means to truly know ourselves.