Colour Therapy

Aura Light NZ Colour Therapy

Colour self selection, in depth consultation into the meanings of the colours that will relate to issues you are currently dealing with. Extremely insightful and receive personalised explanation to current challenges in your life and also learn where your strengths are to help you achieve success.

Receive energy work, chakra balancing and experience your colours applied. Giving you a more profound result in your personally chosen area of growth.
 Every colour has a different vibrational quality, making it appear as individual colours to the human eye. Therefore, each colour  has unique qualities or lessons associated to that frequency. This in turn affects the human body on different levels influencing physiologically or biochemical changes.

• Emotionally influencing attitudes and perspective.
• Spiritually enlightening us with positive and uplifting realisations or inspiration.

Colour therapy holds the key to unlocking our subconsciousness through the process of self discovery, providing us with the clarity we need to make the right choices , giving us the tools to move through life’s challenges.
We all have our own answers as nobody knows or understands ourselves better than we do. By choosing these colour combinations from The Aura Light NZ bottles your answers and inspiration will be revealed to you by your own insight.
 The harmony oils contain subtle living energies affected by your own individual vibration, your energies mix with the devic energies within the Harmony Oils when applied to the body.

The colours you choose resonate to your vibration and enhance the qualities and lessons we need to address in our lives. 
We were born to grow in consciousness, which means to know ourselves.

Colour Therapy

• Harmonic resonance brings us into equilibrium
• Living, light energy (utilising natures colours)
• These essences contain living light and spiritual energy of nature